5 Most Common Mistakes First Time Buyers Make When Purchasing Real Estate in Vancouver

If you are considering buying real estate in Vancouver or anywhere in British Columbia, purchasing will likely consume a large part of your savings, and mortgage payments will consume most of your net wages for many years to come. Investing in real estate in Vancouver is a significant investment. Still, there are challenges along the way, particularly for first-time homebuyers. Here are the five most common mistakes first time buyers make when purchasing real estate in Vancouver.

1. Incomplete Planning
New buyers are often so focused on the listed real estate purchase price of their home that they forget about all the other costs involved in buying real estate from title insurance, possible GST, property transfer tax, municipal property taxes, strata fees and moving costs , etc. These additional expenses can include thousands of additional dollars, which means that not planning them can create problems in the future. Always make sure you budget correctly and adequately.

2. Not getting a home inspection
A thorough Home inspection is essential for peace of mind on your new home. A qualified professional can advise you on many problems relating to the purchase of your new home. He or she may warn you of any risks such as poor foundations, broken window seals, furnace or heating problems, and termite infestation etc. which could help you negotiate a better price if these problems are detected and spotted early. There could also ne major problems like decommissioned underground oil storage tanks that have to be removed. This information will allow you to assess problems with your bid or to avoid an unsatisfactory sale entirely.

3. Not hiring a good real estate agent
The real estate agent in Vancouver is essential to ensure a good purchase. A good realtor will not only guide you to the best investment but will also offer options you may not have thought of. He or she will identify potential problems and guide you during negotiations and will help you get the best market price for your current property or negotiate the best price for your new property. Realtors who act as Buyers agents, not only negotiate the best price, but will guide the buyers on closing costs and other issues- and all this will be done at no cost to the Buyer as the Seller usually pays the Buyers agents fees.

4. Buying and rushing into a purchase immediately
Rushing into a purchase and buying on impulse. This is one of the most common mistakes made by first-time buyers. This usually happens when these new buyers often see their counterparts purchasing and do the same for fear of being left out of a rising market. This error can be very costly, and you need to be very careful when making your first home purchase. Before investing, make sure you have your finances well sorted by speaking to a mortgage specialist or your bank manager about how much you can really afford on a purchase and then find the best realtor to act as your Buyers agent to guide you on the best strategy for buying. Buying without doing your due diligence is usually not a good choice.

5. Not reading the documents carefully

Not reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the contract for purchase and sale before signing is a big mistake. Before signing the documents, it would be beneficial to read each page carefully and not be afraid to ask your lender, mortgage broker, realtor and or your lawyer or notary if there is anything you are not sure about. Some terminologies can be very technical or confusing and property lawyers and notaries in Vancouver can help you decipher these documents. Carefully reading and understanding the documents will save you from committing any regrettable or expensive mistake. In addition to the contract, if you are buying a condo and townhouse make sure you have thoroughly read all the strata rules, regulations, financial reports, and recent minutes of meetings so as to avoid any unpleasant or nasty surprises later on.

Make sure to keep all of this in mind when making your first purchase. Take your time and compare various properties, and the rates and terms and conditions of your finances. Compare the best possible terms that apply to you and determine the type of mortgage that best suits your finances and needs. It is recommended that you hire a property lawyer or notary at an early stage to be part of your team to assist you along with your realtor and mortgage broker.